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Cannaporium was established to provide an alternate healing method for consumers who take an organic approach to life.
Throughout history the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil have been used as a soothing restorative to many medical conditions.
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Located in the heart of Morningside, Durban, South Africa, Cannaporium wellness was established by two South African woman, Nafisa Hansa and Hawa Amod. This dynamic duos mission is to provide an alternate healing method for consumers who take on an organic approach to life.
At Cannaporium we aim to provide our customers with the most comfortable and professional atmosphere to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience. Whether a medical patient or a recreational consumer, you will be provided with comprehensive information on cannabis use and attentive assistance to help you find the right product for your needs.



We are a proudly South African store and at Cannaporium we aim to provide the local community with a wide variety of affordable cannabis options in a safe and positive environment. We have hand picked our suppliers with certified lab accreditation and we guarantee high quality products at an affordable price. When you visit us at Cannaporium we will guide you through the process of finding the product that works best for you.


Innovation Team

Member of CDCSA - KZN

Hawa is a passionate business woman and a mother of 3 children, who upholds years of experience in the business environment, she obtained her Business Management qualification from Rhodes university. She is also a certified Image consultant through Colourworks International, and a qualified Aromatherapist. Hawa has a deep love for making a positive impact in the lives of others and uplifting the community.

Director of Corporate Care Marketing.
Member of CDCSA - KZN

Nafisa is a business woman, cannabis activist and a mother of two kids who obtained her diploma in public relations and marketing. She has her own corporate branding and promotional company since 2003. She is very passionate about business networking and helping each other to grow together in the business and holistic sector.

The Road so far...

Our Journey …

Nafisa had suffered for many years with stage 4 endometriosis. Having to deal with excruciating pain that led to not being able to get out of bed some days and taking up to 6 anti inflammatory capsules a day became debilitating. Three years ago she had discovered the benefits of Tetrahydrocannabinol medical cannabis (THC) and has not looked back ever since. “ Starting cannabis was a life changing moment for me, I was in disbelief because my pain from the endometriosis had disappeared.” NAFISA HANSA Hawa had developed anxiety and sleeplessness about two and a half years ago after a horrific home invasion. After 6 months of being on prescribed anti depressants and sleeping pills, causing her to having a feeling of a hangover the next morning and making her feel complacent. Hawa looked for a more natural and organic approach, she had discovered the benefits of Cannabidiol medical cannabis (CBD). “ I wouldn't give up my CBD for anything I feel calmer, focused and have a much more peaceful sleep” HAWA AMOD Nafisa and Hawa have been friends for 17 years and they decided in 2019 to establish “CANNAPORIUM”, a cannabis wellness store, based on the medical benefits they both personally experienced with medical cannabis. As two woman establishing this business was challenging at first as many people generally view cannabis as a ‘gateway drug’ and ‘drug dealing’ attaching a stigma to it. Although consuming pharmaceutical drugs and being dependent on it is deemed okay. The benefits of cannabis and its healing properties are reaching more people and they are witnessing the remarkable results. “WE ARE NOT DRUG DEALERS, WE ARE HEALERS!”

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